Comedy King, Laughter Guru Kapil Sharma burst into tears. Yes we are talking about Kapil Sharma’s show Comedy Night with kapil whose set exposed to fire due to a short circuit on Wed(Sep,25) morninig 8:30 AM. Comedy night with kapil set

The set is situated at Film city Goregaon, Mumbai.Comedy Night with Kapil is the most likable Comedy show all across the nation. It coud be a major blow to Kapil and the entire team. An estimated loss of  Rs. 22 crore was calculated according to the sources.

Kapil Sharma at the set of Comedy Night With Kapil With in few days of its telecast it recieved phenomenal popularity and beat all the comedy shows in terms of T.R.P. all across the nation. 32 years old kapil was very shocked when he got the news on that morning. All the equipments lights,stage and almost every thing got completly destroyed in that massive fire but luckily nobody got injured. Couple of Water tanks rushed to the spot from the fire station.

Now the team is looking for some other location so as to make rest of the shootings uptill the burnt set get rebuilt again.

The colors’ spokeperson said,”It is highly unfortunate that this incient happend but no one get injured.” Now questions are being raised that was it just an incident or a stratigically written script did by someone else?? Here is the live video of the set burnt to fire.Investigations are yet happening.

All the viewers of the show showing their hertified support and sympathy to Kapil Sharma through the Social Networking sites. Our all support is with  Kapil Sharma. We wish all the luck to the comedy king Kapil to see him back on screen.

Till then leaving you behind with the  show  telecasted show on the previously  burnt  set.